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What is X-Mining Pool?

X-Mining is a reliable and legitimate bitcoin mining pool that helps merge computing power from groups of miners to successfully mine BTC. When it comes to choosing between smaller and bigger BTC mining pools, we combine the best of the two worlds by uniting few but large-scale miners. This ensures the quality and validity of each miner in the pool, as well as helps us deliver transparent and consistent support to each individual user.

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Why join X-Mining Pool?

Smooth user experience

X-Mining is a hassle-free, stripped down platform built for ease of use and streamlined performance. It is designed to be the best at what matters the most: profitable bitcoin mining. The account setup is done in a few simple steps, and the cabinet interface is intuitive and unintimidating to beginner and experienced miners alike.

Multiple subaccounts

Create as many subaccounts as you need and easily manage them. Each subaccount has its own balance for accumulating mined BTC. Transfer BTC between subaccounts without additional charge. Aggregate your earnings from multiple subaccounts in one place and withdraw your BTC in a single transaction at any time.

Accurate live statistics

Make decisions backed by real-time data about your subaccount balances and each of your ASIC’s hashing rate. Monitor and visualize the essential stats from your subaccounts through a convenient all-in-one dashboard.

Stable server connection

Enjoy stable and secure server connection while you are mining. Our bitcoin mining pool servers are distributed evenly across the globe, ensuring you are automatically directed to the server nearest to you and receive the best connection.

Personalized customer service

We strive to get to know each one of our clients and go above and beyond to deliver tailored technical and customer support. We are happy to address any questions that may arise in the process: from helping to set up your account to navigating your way through the mining process in our pool.

Extra low pool commission

We offer some of the lowest pool commissions out there, helping you maximize your bitcoin mining pool payout. Get in touch with us to discuss the fee and other advantages of joining our pool in more detail.

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